[Kaohsiung, Taiwan] - 桦達奶茶 Huada Milk Tea (Original Location Only)

If you are a milk tea fan, this is a must go spot. It's one of the oldest tea milk tea shops in Southern Taiwan, and from the looks of it, do everything the same as they always have. This post is only about the original location. They have many other locations around the island, but this was the first. I'm told the other locations aren't that great and some people even told me not to try it. But, I like trying the originals, and I have loved milk tea since the summer of 1992 so no harm in throwing down 30NT for one, right? When I mentioned to the local milk tea shop owner that I was going to Kaohsiung, he said I have to try Huada also, so that was definitely good enough for me!

Located close to the Yangchengpu KMRT station and in a smaller road, remember to watch out for those scooters! They have a good variety of drinks, but I ordered the original milk tea. They shake it with ice so it's cold, but probably not cold enough for American standards. This milk tea is definitely made for the Taiwanese palate with the temperature, and the lack of ice in the drink. I found it delicious. The one I ordered is simply called "Huada milk tea" or "Huada nai cha" if you are trying to order it phonetically. The tea flavor was strong but not overpowering, and just sweet enough that I didn't feel like I would need to order it with less sugar like at other places. If you are in the area, give it a try! It's in the same neighborhood as one of my favorite beef noodle shops in Kaohsiung, too!

These cups may not look that big but they were definitely a Starbucks Venti size or a little bigger.

The storefront

No. 99, Xinyue Street
Yancheng District
Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 803


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