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[San Francisisco, CA] - Ozumo

I had heard about Ozumo before; from a coworker and from online blogs. When I had a chance to go while in the city for work, I jumped at the opportunity. Upon entry, the bar area is dimly lit with pretty sake bottles floating just above it. The area looked like a nice place to just hang out on a random night after work. Past the bar was the dining area. The dining area was well lit and spacious. Even though it was a Monday night around 6:30pm, the dining area was not completely empty.  Honestly, we didn't look at the menu. We just went with the omakase. Before I closed the menu though, I did notice that the o makase is only available before 8:30pm, so if you want to order omakase, don't forget to keep track of the time! While we waited for the rest of our party to arrive, we decided to start with a sake sampler. We figured all of the samplers would all taste fine and went with the suggestion of the server. The Kokuryu sampler came with sample of junmai ginjo, kuzuryu,