Oahu, HI Part II: {Travelogue} - Seeing some Sights - Hanauma Bay, Kualoa Ranch, Giovanni's, North Shore

Hi, from two years into the pandemic! I hope you have made it this far, because I am not entirely sure that I have. My last post left off at the start of the pandemic, and it looks like we are still in the thick of things, and have all lost someone. It's been a real trial to get to the mental state where I can continue to write about food and travel for fun. I especially had trouble with posting about Hawaii with everything that has been going on (I'm not even talking about when/how Hawaii became a state). If you're interested in learning more, Google "Hawaii Water Supply", or think about why Hawaii, a small set of islands, might not want visitors during a world-wide pandemic. I didn't want to be a part of that set that went against the people of Hawaii. So please, if you are thinking of visiting, research more about Hawaii so when you visit, you can tread softly, understand that you are visiting occupied land, and be most of all, respectful. I am learning als