Oahu, HI Part I: {Travelogue} - Helena's, Waiola, Izakaya Naru

North Shore For my latest birthday, The Boyfriend took me to Hawaii. I'm not usually one to brag, but this was one of the best gifts ever (although to be honest, his gifts are always good). The last time I went to Hawaii was for the Spartan Race, so this time would be all about fun. I mean, I had fun last time, but there was that whole extreme exercise in the sun portion that was super draining. This time, we would go to eat, relax and . Instead of going to Kualoa Ranch for the Spartan Race, we would take a few tours to enjoy the sights without having to lug buckets of gravel or 40lbs. sandbags, do burpees, or army crawling 100 meters 😅 Since the flight arrived at noon, it was perfectly timed for lunch again at Helena's. The Boyfriend hadn't been to Helena's before, so I figured it would be a nice first meal in Oahu. We went with the set menu D, and didn't get the chicken long rice or poke. Last time, the poke had a few opihi on it. Apparently this time

[Taipei, TW] - Bobii Fruitii

I am having serious Taiwan withdrawals, so I guess that means it's time for me to finally catch up on my posts that I should have been doing for the past year. Lately, I have been feeling a bit uninspired by just blogging about one location at a time. The travelogues have been more interesting to me because there's usually a story involved. I suppose I will figure it out eventually. For the few who have been following me, thanks for bearing with me! If you have watched any Zimmern or Bourdain specials, or even any YouTube videos dealing with Taipei, I'm sure you've heard of YongKang Street. It has some great stuff on this street/in this vicinity (See also Tianjin Onion Pancakes/ 天津蔥抓餅 , Din Tai Fung/鼎泰豐, Du Xiao Yue Danzi Noodle/度小月擔仔麵 (great if you don't have time to go to Tainan to get it from the original location), Kao Chi/高記, and a bun cart that is there until they sell out for the day (go early - I've always had luck when I go for breakfast... ju

[Daly City, CA] - Noodle in a Haystack Shio Butter Clam

Folks, the main reason Noodle in a Haystack caught my eye was their clam ramen that they had their first year of business (while I have come to love their other ramen offerings, I was still sad about the one that got away). I am happy to report back that I have finally tried it and it was fantastic. I am a huge clam fan and can put away a few pounds of clams in one sitting (it's all shell weight, anyway). Tried as I might, I could not get a reservation while they served that original clam ramen. When I heard that it was going to make a comeback, I cleared what I could of my July in anticipation of that weekend that I would head out to the Bay to get some. Thankfully my schedule worked out with the last Sunday of July! In case you missed it, I have posted about Clint and Yoko's ramen in detail here: Noodle in a Haystack Shio Ramen Then, there's this post also: Noodle in a Haystack Duck Shoyu and Foie Gras This post will focus on the July seating of their shio bu