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Victoria, BC, Canada - {Travelogue}

About a year and a half ago, one of my friends got married in Victoria, B.C. Being so close to Seattle (yes, a few hours including a ferry ride is close especially considering I am now a solid twelve to thirteen hour drive away from Seattle), I have been to Victoria a few times. What can I say? People love flowers. Well, not me. I liked going to Victoria because we always went to Vancouver, and Vancouver meant food! No trip to Vancouver was complete without some Goldilocks (before they made it to Seattle or Sacramento - which incidentally has already closed), bola-bola, dim sum (seriously, puts the dim sum in Seattle to shame), and hot pot (the first time I had live shrimp in my hot pot was in 1994 at a hot pot place in Richmond I don't know the name of, but my Godmother was horrified that they were alive and flapping - she said they were too cute to eat). I am a fan of destination weddings though, and when he told me that it was going to be at the X-Mansion , of course I just h