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Oahu, HI Part I: {Travelogue} - Helena's, Waiola, Izakaya Naru

North Shore For my latest birthday, The Boyfriend took me to Hawaii. I'm not usually one to brag, but this was one of the best gifts ever (although to be honest, his gifts are always good). The last time I went to Hawaii was for the Spartan Race, so this time would be all about fun. I mean, I had fun last time, but there was that whole extreme exercise in the sun portion that was super draining. This time, we would go to eat, relax and . Instead of going to Kualoa Ranch for the Spartan Race, we would take a few tours to enjoy the sights without having to lug buckets of gravel or 40lbs. sandbags, do burpees, or army crawling 100 meters 😅 Since the flight arrived at noon, it was perfectly timed for lunch again at Helena's. The Boyfriend hadn't been to Helena's before, so I figured it would be a nice first meal in Oahu. We went with the set menu D, and didn't get the chicken long rice or poke. Last time, the poke had a few opihi on it. Apparently this time