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[Japantown, San Francisco, CA] - On The Bridge

I have been to Japantown countless times, and each time I pass On the Bridge I think, I'm going to try that place one of these days. I am proud to say that I finally did make that stop! In fact, I have gone twice now. They serve a wide range of items from loco moco to curry to spaghetti. It's all done Japanese style, do don't go in expecting it to be like Olive Garden but with comics. My favorite so far, has been the nameko spaghetti.  The location is exactly as the name is, on the bridge. There are two main buildings (plus a few smaller ones) in San Francisco's Japantown. This is the bridge that you can take to get from one to another. For example, if you want Belly Good Crepes but also want some Sophie's Crepes, this would be the bridge to go over.  Katsu curry don. The breading is crispy, and the curry is not overwhelming like some curries can be. Nameko Spaghetti  - Japanese style spaghetti made from a soy and garlic based sauce rather than tomato.

[Sacramento, CA] - Oblivion Comics & Coffee

Opened in May of 2017, Oblivion has quickly become my favorite spot to hang out or work. It's located on K Street, just across from the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament. That said, it's GREAT for people watching! Grab a seat by the window and treat yourself. One day, I saw people rushing around for a wedding. Another day, hordes of firemen, presumably for some event. You never know what you'll get to see from that great vantage point! Truthfully, I didn't get into comics until later; I was always a manga/anime person. After school, my friend and I would sit around eating the food her grandma cooked and watching Sailormoon. On my annual visits to Taiwan, I would get the latest Yu Yu Hakusho, DragonBallZ, and SlamDunk mangas and anime -- all in Japanese with mostly unreadable Chinese subs (only because my literacy was lacking). I would doodle Hiei and Yu Yu during class and people would think I created new characters. The coolest cartoon on TV at the time was Voltr

Part III: Oahu, HI {Travelogue} - Iyasume Musubi, Bubbies, and Shirokiya at the Ala Moana Center

At some point, I knew it would get to the actual day of the Spartan Race. Since this is a food blog first and foremost, I will spare the details of that soul crushing race (glad I finished, should have trained more, and wouldn't want to do it again!). But, I will let you know how the food worked out for that day! Figured it would be too much effort to go too far to find food so we just stocked up on musubis from Iyasume Musubi. I am a big fan of the original spam musubi, but I also really like the spam, egg, cheese, and bacon. Or even just spam and egg. Or spam and cheese. They have a ton of combinations. They have other items aside from musubis, but of course, it's what they're known for so be sure to give them a try! Musubi Cafe IYASUME 2427 Kuhio Ave Honolulu, HI 96815 Website The race itself took a good portion of the day. Not to mention the hike from the parking lot to the starting line. That had to be at least 1.5km! It would have been better