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Part V - Sapporo Day 3 {Travelogue} - Sapporo Seafood Market, Clocktower, Nanda Seafood Buffet, Sapporo Shrine

[Link to Part IV - Otaru ] I thought that four days would be plenty in Sapporo, but with our flight back being canceled and us being put on an earlier flight, we were cut down to three days and one morning. So, for our final day, we stayed in the Sapporo area. We started our morning by traversing through the 2-3 feet of snow that fell overnight to the JR station to wait for the shuttle that would take us to the seafood market. One quick ride and we arrived! Again, we were overwhelmed with how much there was. This market was bigger than the one in Otaru, too. Crabs for days! Scallops, scallops everywhere! I think next time I will buy one of these to eat by myself. Kegani - horsehair crab. Very stabby if you touch it with your bare hands. When we ate them, I used gloves so avoid chafing. And yes, I am using stabby as a real word. Snow crab legs. These are much sweeter than anything I've had before. One of the workers was using the heate