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[Alishan, TW] - 茶山 95//Tea Mountain 95 - A Photo Essay

One of my favorite places in Taiwan is Tea Mountain (茶山). Since my aunt lives in Chiayi, she is relatively close and makes a lot of random trips up the mountains. So, while everyone is rushing up Alishan, she is  out exploring the neighboring mountains. While I do feel that everyone visiting Taiwan should see Alishan at least once, there are other places that are worth visiting too, such as Tea Mountain. There are a few homestays available, and they are primarily in Chinese. If you have someone who can read/write/speak Chinese, life will be much easier if you wish to come here. Of course, you won't be denied if you only speak English, it just makes it easier to communicate with everyone.  If you can get past that first hurdle of booking a weekend at one of the homestays on Tea Mountain, the rest is just relaxation and a fun weekend. Food is included, along with being brought around to partake in some fun outdoor activities. One of the lunches we had - under that bamboo is