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[Taipei, TW] - RAW - Best of 2018

The first thing you see after stepping inside RAW (most likely after standing outside and thinking, this is it, it's finally happening - because those reservations are not  easy to come by), is this - a big wall that has the definition of "kitchen." The second thing is most likely all of the wood. The wood is Hinoki, a prized wood that is super fragrant. The smell evokes childhood memories of summers in Taiwan in our old house in 岡山, the last stop on the new-ish KMRT. From there, your exceptionally friendly waiter will seat you and your party. Then, you think, hm, I don't have any utensils. When am I going to get them? Have no fear friend, check the table. There's a drawer that should just be to the right of you that has all of that. Now, can I get one of those at home?  Next comes the menu. It changes seasonally, and doesn't have very much information listed. In fact, it looks like a game of BINGO: We were seated fairly close to t