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Part II: Oahu, HI {Travelogue} - Hanauma Bay, Leonard's, Ono's, Yama's, Rainbow Drive Inn, North Shore

Hanauma Bay Hanauma Bay Rd Honolulu, HI 96825 Fee: $7.50 but goes toward park maintenance. Parking is limited and fills up. It's the next day and we are up early to get to Hanauma Bay before it gets super crowded. I think we got there around 8 or 9am. Saw a Leonard's truck along the way, but it wasn't open yet. Figured might as well just get to the bay and snorkel a while before getting some food later. It's worth it! Feel free to bring your own snorkel and fins, or you can rent them here. I like bringing my own because... hygiene. You can also store your stuff in their paid lockers, so don't feel pressured to tie your car key around your neck and hope it doesn't get washed away! Normally I don't use fins, but I think I should have this day. The waves look small in the picture, but you can't see the current from outside of the water really. The current was very strong that day and I went past the buoy with no difficulty. What was a bit

Part I: Oahu, HI {Travelogue} - Helena's, Waiola, Waikiki, Giovanni's, Laie, Foodland

If someone asks you if you want to go on a free trip to Hawaii, is there any hesitation in your answer? When the brother's girlfriend won a pair of tickets to Hawaii, and no one seemed to want to go, I jumped at the opportunity. The caveat -- I would have to participate in the Spartan Race at Kualoa Ranch. Wasn't super interested in the Spartan Race (not a fan of pain, hill running, or burpees), but I am a huge fan of Hawaii, food, and the ocean. Come the first weekend of August, Hawaii ho! Since I would only be there such a short time, I wanted to maximize my food time. A lot of the restaurants I wanted to visit were closed early in the afternoon, or alternately closed on random days. Be sure to check out the days that they are open before going otherwise you'll be very disappointed! That said, the first stop was Helena's! Helena's Hawaiian Foods 1240 N School St Honolulu, HI 96817 Website Incidentally, it's very close to the airport so