[Kaohsiung, Taiwan] - 查理布朗咖啡店 | Charlie Brown Café Taiwan

I have been a huge fan of Snoopy for as long as I can remember (which is a long, long time). Having already been to one of the Charlie Brown Cafes in Hong Kong, I figured why not also go to the one in Kaohsiung? If you want to go, it's pretty easy. Kaohsiung has an MRT system like the one in Taipei. Take the red line to the Hanshin Arena KMRT stop and walk up Baoi Road 2nd to Baoi Road 3rd. You should see the Hanshin department store on the left. Just walk a few blocks and you'll see the Charlie Brown Cafe on the left side of the road (same side as the department store) with the cross street of Zhizhen Road. It's pretty hard to miss!

If you're lucky, it's not too busy and Snoopy is available to join you for some afternoon coffee, tea, sparkly drinks, and/or snacks.

Lemon mix blue curacao/檸檬藍柑氣泡飲

When I went to pay at the counter, I saw that there were these super cute waffles in the shape of Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and Woodstock. How often am I going to be here? So I ordered it even though I already ordered a drink. I grew up in Seattle. I can handle three coffee drinks. Besides, we are on vacation and I have time to hang out and relax. Pictured above is the chocolate coffee shake which tasted like a runny chocolate shake.

If i place all of the drinks in front of Snoopy, he looks like the greedy one instead of me!

It was pretty hot today so my brother ordered a mango milkshake/芒果奶昔 which was more of a mango slushy drink. It was super sweet for my taste. But I'm sure you can tell from the color that the mango is very ripe.

My mocha. It was a bit off, sadly. I would order it again just to see his face on there though. Snoopy trumps bad coffee. I can just get some more effective cheaper coffee from 7-11 should I really need it anyway 😂

My waffles. These were probably the best part. The outside was just a teensy bit crispy around the edges with the inside being very moist. I ran out of the sauce on the plate pretty quickly but then started dipping it in the Woodstock ice cream. That was even better. I have to say though, my way of ordering three drinks (the set was two drinks, waffles, and ice cream for two people) just to try everything is not recommended as I was super stuffed after this and it made it difficult to eat too much at the night market not far from here.

No. 35, Bo'ai 3rd Road,
Zuoying District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 813


Open daily from 10am - 10pm


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